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Greco is a Japanese musical instrument company established in 1960. The controlling company of Greco is Kanda Syokai which was a musical instrument brand constituted in 1960 and was a wholesaler of musical instruments. Greco officially started manufacturing guitars since 1963. Kanda Syokai was in charge of sales and marketings, and at first, manufacturing was handled by Fujigen Musical Instrument Production.

From latter half of 1960's to 1970's, Greco produced high-quality copy models. VB series were imitations of 500-1 of Hefner and EG series were copy models of Gibson Les Paul. EG series were low priced but the quality were high and shared the limelight at that time with LS series of Tokai which were copy models of Les Paul. Also, there were SE series which were copy models of Fender stratocaster in Greco's lineups.

In 21st century, EG series were reevaluated and traded at lower or equal price of the originator Gibson Les Paul in the market. It's one of the Japanese vintage guitars.

Since 1980's, Greco strives to produce original models such as Boogie series in 1981, GO series and signature model of Mick Ralphs. In 2005, Greco concluded the regular license agreement with Zemaitis which is known as high quality guitar manufacturer, and started the brand named Greco Zemaitis. Greco is the brand that attracts rising attention now.

Though many companies moved manufacturing bases to Asian countries such as Korea and China to save the cost and win at price battles, Greco keeps manufacturing musical instruments in Japan and providing low priced but high quality products.

Greco Zemaitis

Famous guitarists of Greco guitars

  • KENTARO(Gargoyle)
  • TOSHI(Gargoyle)
  • Shinji Wajima(Ningenisu)
  • Kenichi Suzuki(Ningenisu)
  • Kanako Nakayama(VooDoo Hawaiians)
  • Atsuko Okuno(Juicy Fruits)
  • Ritsu Saito(LOOPUS)
  • Masami Tsuchiya
  • Masatoshi Majima(THE CRO-MAGNONS)

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